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Lab News


01/2024 - Mckensie Buchman, Midori Day, Camille King, Thomas Sun, Jinling Wang, and Narayan Weibel join the lab as research assistants. Welcome!


11/2023 - Andy quoted in "11 Memory Tips from Leading Neuroscientists" from the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre.

11/2023 - "Advances in cellular resolution microscopy for brain imaging in rats" Review published in Neurophotonics.

11/2023 - "Spatial Navigation: A Touch in the Dark" Dispatch is published in Current Biology.

10/2023 - Andy quoted in "Bats Use the Same Brain Cells to Map Physical and Social Worlds" in Quanta Magazine.

10/2023 - IACUC protocol is approved!

10/2023 - Emma Cimino begins as a junior specialist. Welcome!

09/2023 - The lab is awarded an R00 from NINDS to investigate roles of retrosplenial cortex in spatial cognition and memory.

09/2023 - Andy officially joins the UCSB Dynamical Neuroscience Graduate Program.

08/2023 - Andy officially joins the UCSB Neuroscience Research Institute.

07/2023 - Andy starts as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at UC Santa Barbara.